Mapping and

GIS consultancy

With experience over 15 years in Uganda and across East Africa,

  Carrying out several mapping assignments
  Data capture
  Custom spatial analysis and insights for
  Developing GIS capacity of several agencies and organizations in the private sector, NGO and government with Uganda
  Developing GIS policies, framework and collaboration during implementation in Uganda
  Preparing Atlases and map books.

GIC continues to develop the GIS capacity of several organizations in East Africa, South Sudan and Congo.


Enterprise GIS implementation

and Support

GIC has implemented several Enterprise GIS solutions for several agencies and businesses in Uganda.

This helps ease the transformation/standardization of several datasets into Enterprise Databases using custom developed or industry standard data models that can then be accesses across the Entire Organization and enable deployment of custom GIS Solutions/Applications to meet business needs, workflows and enable real-time data collection, 3D GIS, web mapping, workflows, integration with existing systems and so much more.

Industry Specific

GIS Solutions

They are so many industries with different solutions, challenges and fine tuning required.
Some industries include:

1. Utilities (e.g UMEME, NWSC, UEDCL, UETCL, KIS). GIC has implemented solutions for all the fore mentioned companies, Hardware and Software for data capture and collection, processing, Enterprise Software Solutions, custom data models and workflows.

2. State Government e.g KCCA, Municipalities.
GIC has implemented Enterprise GIS for KCCA, implemented GIS in several municipalities and continues to support their GIS capacity development.
3. Environment and Conservation e.g NEMA, MWE
GIC has implement a GIS based environmental monitoring solution for NEMA and capacity development.

4. Cadaster and Land Management solutions

GIC has supplied and implemented data collection and processing solutions for Ministry of Lands

5. Law Enforcement

GIC has supplied and implemented data collection and processing solutions for JLOS and Uganda Police that included Enterprise GIS and custom data collection and visualizations applications and tools.



Custom GIS applications are required to ease certain workflows and build upon a GIS platform.
These applications require needs assessment and prototyping.
1. Enterprise Web GIS applications for web based valuation, data validation, 3D visualization,
infographics, dashboards, custom geoprocessing powered by ArcGIS online/Enterprise e.t.c must be focused on, they solve challenges for small, medium and large organizations
2. Tools/Applications that bridge GIS and Data Science, this are highly applicable in advertising,
banking, telecommunications and private sector business that values efficiency.
Technologies in this arena include Internet of Things (IOT), machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data e.t.c
Applications that process and learn from massive amounts of GIS data and exploit both GIS and Data science platforms.
The ArcGIS platform is the most data science ready GIS Platform.
3. Applications that are industry specific.
This require exposure to industry challenges and are built on top of ArcGIS platform and do custom geoprocessing, data visualization, management and reporting for different industries based on specific challenges.

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