GIC boasts of highly qualified and experienced professionals to undertake successful surveys be it cadastral, mapping or engineering surveys.
In Uganda, land ownership is governed by the 1995 constitution; the land act 1998 and the 2007 land amendment bill recognize four land tenure systems which include; the leasehold tenure, freehold tenure, customary and the Mailo tenure.

Each of the land tenure systems has a different procedure of registration, different characteristics and each land tenure owner exercises different rights and benefits. Therefore by combining leading-edge technology with a deep understanding of the workflows, data integration and understanding the challenges faced in each tenure systems, GIC boasts of highly qualified professionals to undertake successful surveys and preparation of the corresponding land documents.

Cadastral surveying services offered

  • Boundary opening
  • Sub divisions
  • Fresh surveys
  • Area verifications
  • Location surveys
    Data processing
  • Processing of land documents
  • Geodetic control extensions
  • Setting out
  • Engineering surveying services
  • Topographic surveys
  • Compensation surveys
  • Leveling
  • Setting out
  • Control extensions/ TBMs
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Processing of data


  • Producing maps
  • Data collection to facilitate map production
  • Processing of the data
  • Analyzing the collected data
  • Other services include:
  • Equipment hire/lease/sale
  • Sale of accessories
  • Training and support
  • Service centre (Repair/Replacement